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Cannabis dispensary owners have countless responsibilities and not enough time to get everything done.

Budtendur is here to help.


Our platform — a single, reliable touchpoint for all retail operations, pre-orders/delivery, and client engagement — lets you run your business more smoothly and effectively. And it costs much less than other solutions commonly used in dispensaries today.

Orders & Payments

What It Is

Budtendur is an e-commerce marketplace that bolts on to any existing POS (e.g., Dutchie) to facilitate transactions and enhance relations between dispensaries, delivery entities, and end-consumers. By allowing you to manage the various functions that necessitate relationships with multiple vendors, Budtendur enhances efficiency and business functionality.

A Comprehensive Solution for Cannabis Dispensaries

Budtender has a full array of integrated delivery, pre-order, and in-store cart-loading features.

Other key features include:

  • The freedom to choose between Budtender’s smooth and flexible, PayPal-like payment options and offerings of your preferred payment partners (having more payment options mitigates the risk of having too few non-cash payment options)
  • A Zelle/Venmo-style secure QR code system, facilitating swift and secure digital transactions
  • Seamless integration with industry heavyweights like Dutchie and On-Fleet, fostering efficient collaboration
  • Bidirectional in-app messaging, which enables daily and targeted promotions, such as for veterans and other VIPs (and avoids the need to text over cellular networks not yet participating in the cannabis landscape)
  • Supports receipt of electronic tips (typically by budtenders) in an IRS-compliant manner
  • A points-based system to reward customer loyalty
  • Simple integration with in-store TV for clear communication of daily/weekly specials

Plus, we’re committed to guiding dispensary customers exclusively to your offerings, preventing any redirection to your competition.


Elevating the Retail Customer Experience

Budtendur makes it easier for your customers to explore and purchase their preferred cannabis options. All a customer needs is a mobile device and a government-issued ID — it’s as simple as that. This approach mirrors the ease and convenience of everyday purchases made elsewhere, ensuring a familiar and hassle-free experience.

Furthermore, Kore Compliance manages all applications with payment processors, eliminating the hassle and resources devoted to such work.

Free Set-up, Low Recurring Fees

Dispensaries can create a Budtendur account at no cost. Budtendur charges a fixed monthly SaaS licensing fee for the “white-label” use of our platform, along with a nominal per-transaction fee. This cost-efficient structure delivers high value while keeping expenses predictable and manageable.

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Consumer and Administrative Accounts

Consumer Account

A consumer account, used by the dispensary, lets customers access purchase history and link accounts from financial institutions — even those not known to embrace marijuana-related businesses. Budtender security protocols comply with Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations required by the Bank Secrecy Act. These regulations compel Budtendur to verify user identity via government-issued ID, bio-authentication (e.g., facial or fingerprint identification used by most mobile devices), two-factor security authentication using a customer’s mobile number and/or email, and/or other contemporary processes.

Administrative Account

An administrative account allows dispensary employees (typically budtenders or delivery entities) to accept payment via Budtendur’s administrative portal. Linking a dispensary’s bank account and routing numbers to its Budtendur administrative account enables customer payments to be electronically deposited into the dispensary’s bank account.